GoldED+ is a successor of the well-known GoldED mail/news reader originally written by Odinn Sorensen.


The project was started in small town near Moscow, Russia. At this time I could not recall exact date of the first patch I've made. The only thing I could recall is that everything began from fixing annoyable bug which causes impossibility of displaying stylecodes by settings in config. This patch was rejected by official maintainers though some other patches were accepted.

In the middle of 1999 all maintainers of official GoldED left Fidonet and almost lost interest to that project. Version names of GoldED-asa became too long and not fit to MSDOS 8+3 format. I've asked Odinn about donating a 3.1.x version numbers to me but he just ignore my letter. The final version of GoldED-asa was GoldED-asa10 beta 3. After that project was renamed to GoldED+ and next version was called GoldED+ 1.1.0.

A lot of code was contributed to GoldED+ by different people around the world. At least GoldED+ contains portions of code written by core team of GoldED (Odinn Sorensen, Dirk A. Mueller, and Leonid Lisovsky), Mike Smedley, Pavel Gulchouck, Denis Zavorotny, Alexander Batalov, Eugene Roshal, Igor Vanin, Andrew Shakhmatov, Roman Trunov, Alex Druinsky, Jacobo Tarrio, and of course by me. Some portions of code was taken from C snippets and some other from GNU libraries.


Latest versions:

DPMI32Win32OS/2LinuxSourcesDoc's and cfg'sNotework
Official (HTTP)
2002-09-29 1.0.0
1.1.5 snapshots
by MiK et al (*)
2003-05-12 2003-10-12 2003-10-12 2003-10-12 2003-10-12 2003-10-12 2003-10-12
(*) OS/2 snapshots compiled by Hiro Dudani. Doc's & cfgs's and Linux snapshots compiled by Gisbert Rudolph

Home page loacated at SourceForge, thanks to VA Linux Systems.

This page also mirrored at Sweden by Mikael Karlsson, thanks MiK! :-)

GoldED+'s SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set. There are only one module you need to check out - golded+. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

cvs login

cvs -z3 co golded+

Updates from within the module's directory do not need the -d parameter.


There are two mailing-lists dedicated to the GoldED+ project:

The first one is intended for announces only and the second one is for the tips and tricks exchange.

If you considering of reporting bug please make sure that it not already reported report through the bug-trackings system. Bug-tracking is accessible througth this link.


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    Alexander S. Aganichev